Pizza Hot Image

Pizza Hot

Yeah, right! Like we could ever give up stir fry!?

Lemon Garlic Seafood Image

Lemon Garlic Seafood

Have you tried seafood in your stir fry? Now is the perfect time to switch up your grill meal with some of our new seafood options. Our Seafood After Dark promotion runs through April 5th.  

#SeafoodAfterDark Photo Contest Image

#SeafoodAfterDark Photo Contest

Share your #SeafoodAfterDark photo like this HuHot fan. You’ll automatically be entered to win $100 when you use the #SeafoodAfterDark hashtag on your photo on Twitter or Instagram.

Seafood Jambalaya Image

Seafood Jambalaya

During Seafood After Dark, we’ll have an expanded seafood selection every evening. A perfect time to branch out and try something new! This Seafood Jambalaya recipe is perfect for those who like to go spicy.  

Seafood After Dark Image

Seafood After Dark

Now through April 5th, we have 6 different types of seafood on the food line. Take a photo of your seafood dish and tag it #SeafoodAfterDark on Twitter or Instagram, and you could win $100!

Healthy HuHot Winner Image

Healthy HuHot Winner

Congratulations to our #HealthyHuHot photo contest winner! In January we asked guests to show us how they Go Healthy at HuHot by sharing grill meal photos on Twitter and Instragram. We loved this shot featuring krab, broccoli and edamame! Check out our Build-A-Meal program to create your own healthy meal you can share online.  

Shoyu Black Pepper Image

Shoyu Black Pepper

Are you the type of person whose wrist gets sore grinding pepper? Shoyu Black Pepper is now available! Try it with Coke Zero Cherry for a perfect pairing. The bold heat of soy and sesame balances the rich and sweet flavors of Coke Zero Cherry.

Go All Out Image

Go All Out

Go spicy, go bold, go healthy, Go All Out!