Zucchini Noodles Image

Zucchini Noodles

So good they’ll make your head spin. Zucchini Noodles are now at HuHot! Hot on taste, cool on carbs. This noodle alternative makes a welcome addition to any grill meal, especially if you are keeping to a keto, paleo, vegan, low-carb or gluten-free lifestyle. Try them today! Zucchini Noodles are available at most locations as… Read more »

HuHot Rewards App 2.0 Image

HuHot Rewards App 2.0

Have you had a chance to download the HuHot Rewards app yet? There’s no time better than now to download! Just head to your app store and search HuHot. There are lots of benefits of having HuHot Rewards right on your phone. Not only will Rewards members be able to access their Rewards easier, they’ll… Read more »

Shoyu Black Pepper makes its return! Image

Shoyu Black Pepper makes its return!

One of the favorite Sauces of the Season is back: Shoyu Black Pepper. Available from February 1st until supplies run out, this bold sauce is terrific mixed with many of our current Signature Sauces. Staying true to its roots of soy sauce and black pepper, this sauce will add a bang to any of your… Read more »

2018 Mongol-Stache Contest Image

2018 Mongol-Stache Contest

Movember is here! And to celebrate, we are holding our annual “Mongol-Stashe Contest” 2018 edition. Starting on November 2nd, guests will be asked to grow their Fu-Man-Chus! Whoever has the best progression from November 2nd-November 30th will win Free HuHot for a Year!  All you need to do is take a starting photo and an… Read more »

Sweet Seoul is back! Image

Sweet Seoul is back!

Time for Sweet Seoul to take the stage again as our latest Sauce of the Season. Sweet Seoul rides the wave of popular Korean style BBQ flavors that are sweet, but not necessarily fruity. With flavors of soy, sugar, tomato, sesame, and spices, Sweet Seoul is sure to take your Grill Meal to the next… Read more »

MeSo Garlic is here to stay! Image

MeSo Garlic is here to stay!

Every once and a while, a Sauce of the Season is so popular, so delicious, and so versatile, that we induct it into our Signature Sauce collection. With its mild heat rating, MeSo Garlic is a great addition to your go-to sauce combination. This sauce will add a little sweet, a little heat, and a… Read more »

#HuHotCarryOut Photo Contest Image

#HuHotCarryOut Photo Contest

You build it, we grill it, you take it to go. Share your love of HuHot and you could win! It’s time for the 2018 Instagram #HuHotCarryOut photo contest. Take your #HuHotCarryOut to your special place and snap a photo. Then upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #HuHotCarryOut. It’s that easy to enter! Contest… Read more »

HuHot Grill Pass Image

HuHot Grill Pass

The HuHot Grill Pass is a pay now, eat later grill meal discount. It’s available for HuHot Rewards members to purchase at HuHot restaurants in June 2019 only. Discounted grill meals get added directly to your HuHot Rewards account. The more you buy, the more you save! We are offering 3 different denominations for the… Read more »

Coconut Curry Vindaloo Sauce of the Season Image

Coconut Curry Vindaloo Sauce of the Season

Vindaloo is traditionally a very spicy Indian curry, but our version tames down the expected curry flavors and amps up the sweetness with coconut and mango to create a flavorful and rich sauce for the next Sauce of the Season. It’s easily made more spicy with the addition of Kung Pao… Yow! or Khan’s Revenge… Read more »

Cookie Dough Conquest is back! Image

Cookie Dough Conquest is back!

Back by popular demand, Cookie Dough Conquest has returned. Yes, the delicious deep-fried  cookie dough wrapped in a delicate crispy wonton is now available at select locations.  Now more than ever, it’s time to save room for dessert! It’s the perfect way to end your meal! Cookie Dough Conquest is only here for a limited… Read more »

Recipe Contest Image

Recipe Contest

How Will You Conquer Bland? That is the question. Mix it up, get creative, and share your secret to creating the most unique meal at HuHot. Do you have a winning recipe? Everyone claims their HuHot recipe is the best, now is the time to prove it! Submit your favorite grill meal combination and you… Read more »

Kublai’s Pineapple Cilantro Image

Kublai’s Pineapple Cilantro

This February, we’re bringing back Kublai’s Pineapple Cilantro from 2014 (and previously 2012). It’s pronounced koo-blahys and it’s named after Kublai Khan, Genghis Khan’s grandson. He was also a great warrior, but we’re not sure if this sauce would be spicy enough for him. It’s made with real pineapple juice, so it’s got plenty of… Read more »