Allergy Aware at HuHot

Due to the nature of the food line and communal grill, some cross contamination may occur. Please remember to ask the cook to clean off an area of the grill for any meals with dietary restrictions. Separate spatulas will be used, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee your food will not come in to contact with any potential allergens.

If you have any questions about allergies please feel free to contact HuHot Mongolian Grill for more information.

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Nut Allergies

SAUCES: Customers with nut allergies SHOULD NOT EAT the following sauces:
• Black Thai Peanut contains peanuts.
• Black Thai Peanut and Yellow Belly Curry contain coconut milk.

Those with nut allergies CAN EAT:
• Bekter's Ginger
• Mongolian Sunburn (Sauce of the Season)
• Feed the Hordes Hoisin
• Not-So-Sweet & Sour
• Khan’s Favorite
• Samurai Teriyaki
• Burn-Your-Village BBQ
• Five Village Fire Szechuan
• Kung Pao... Yow!
• Mongol Mustard
• Mean Bean Garlic Sauce

Wheat, Gluten & Soy Allergies

SAUCES: The following sauces are wheat and gluten free, so those customers sensitive to wheat or gluten CAN  EAT:
• Black Thai Peanut
• Yellow Belly Curry
• Kung Pao... Yow!
• Not So Sweet and Sour

You SHOULD NOT EAT any of the sauces served with our appetizers except our Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce additionally, our Asian salad dressing contains gluten.
NOODLES: Yakisoba and Chinese noodles may or may not contain wheat, ask at your local HuHot. Pad Thai are rice-based and wheat-free.

Shellfish Allergies

SAUCES: Many of our house sauces contain fish products such as fish sauce and
oyster sauce. Those with seafood allergies CAN EAT the following sauces:
• Not-So-Sweet and Sour
• Samurai Teriyaki
• Feed the Hordes Hoisin
• Mongol Mustard
• Kung Pao... Yow!
• Mongolian Sunburn (Sauce of the Season)
• All the Create-Your-Own Sauces


Egg & Dairy Allergies

The following items are made with eggs:
• Some types of Yakisoba Noodles and Chinese Noodles contain eggs, ask at your local HuHot.
• Shrimp Wontons
• Cheesecake Rangoons
• Cheesecake
• Crab Rangoons
• Fried Rice
• Egg Drop Soup

The following menu items contain dairy:
• Cheesecake • Raman Noodles (Asian Salad)
• Cheesecake Rangoons • Crab Rangoons

SAUCES: None of our sauces contain egg. Only two of our sauces contain dairy products. Those with dairy allergies SHOULD NOT EAT:
• Black Thai Peanut
•Yellow Belly Curry


HuHot is MSG FREE!

*All sauce names listed herein are trademarks of HuHot Mongolian Grill, LLC. Item availability may vary by location.