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HuHot Sauces

Signature Sauces

Gluten Free Sauces: Black Thai Peanut, Kung Pao…Yow!, Nomad’s Green Curry, and Not-So-Sweet & Sour

Zero Flame Sauce Samurai Teriyaki™ • a mild, slightly sweet traditional Asian favorite made with soy sauce, sugar, sherry and sesame oil.
Zero Flame Sauce Not-So-Sweet & Sour® • our version of sweet & sour; a flavorful yet mild combination of tomato sauce, vinegar, sugar and spices.
Zero Flame Sauce Khan’s Favorite™ • our house sauce; an excellent complement to any other sauce; a mild blend of soy sauce, rice wine, garlic and spices.
Zero Flame Sauce Feed the Hordes Hoisin™ • a distinctive, slightly sweet sauce made with soy sauce, soybeans, vinegar and garlic.
One Flame Sauce Black Thai Peanut™ • our most popular sauce: a creamy blend of peanuts, coconut milk, mild chilies and lime juice.
Two Flame Sauce Burn-Your-Village Barbeque® • subtle BBQ flavors with traditional Asian ingredients like soy sauce and chili garlic sauce.
Two Flame Sauce Bekter’s Ginger® • a zippy mix of ginger, sherry, soy sauce and chilies lightly sweetened; if you like ginger, you’ll love this sauce!
Two Flame Sauce MeSo Garlic™ • robust, savory garlic and umami flavors married with a bit of sweetness.
Three Flame Sauce Mongol Mustard™ • a flavorful sauce with some kick; ingredients include mustard, lemon, sesame and Asian spices.
Three Flame Sauce Mongolian Sunburn® • traditional Asian orange sauce featuring sweet citrus flavors balanced with a tangy and spicy kick
Four Flame Sauce Five Village Fire Szechuan™ • a spicy chili sauce with soy and tomato sauces, garlic, rice vinegar and more chilies!
Five Flame Sauce Kung Pao…Yow!® • it’s a hot one! garlic chili sauce, sesame oil, more chilies and did we mention chilies?!
Seven Flame Sauce Khan’s Revenge™ • rich BBQ flavor with intense heat from spicy habanero peppers. Watch out–it’s a scorcher!