Nutrition and Allergy Information

At HuHot, we strive to ensure a safe dining experience for all of our customers. We do our best to provide you with the most accurate information possible, but there may be small differences in the regional varieties of certain food items.

  • Download our Nutrition and Allergy Information to print and take with you to our restaurants to assist while you dine at HuHot.

  • To view the nutrition and allergy information for your favorite HuHot meal, use our Create-A-Meal application.


Please inform the cooks about your allergy prior to handing to them your bowl at the grill. They will then prepare a clean cooking surface on the grill and use fresh utensils to stir-fry your meal. Keep in mind that, although we take these precautions, due to the nature of our food line and cooking process, we cannot guarantee you will not come into contact with an allergen.