Meso Garlic – Our new Sauce of the Season Image

Meso Garlic – Our new Sauce of the Season

Calling all garlic lovers! Our new Sauce of the Season features robust garlic, black beans, sesame and spices, married with a bit of sweetness. Fending off evil spirits never tasted so good.

Shoyu Black Pepper Image

Shoyu Black Pepper

Shoyu Black pepper is back! Flecks of bold black pepper meld with soy and sesame for a flavorful heat. Spice up your grill meal with this unique, blendable sauce. Add it to your stir fry and try it with a Cherry Coke Zero for an unbeatable flavor combination.

Pillager’s Red Curry Image

Pillager’s Red Curry

The weather is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, and we just want to cozy up with a hot plate of noodles grilled in Pillager’s Red Curry. Our latest Sauce of the Season is an old favorite, in fact it was our very first Sauce of the Season many moons ago. Come in and… Read more »

Ponzu Punch Image

Ponzu Punch

Looking for a bright citrusy kick for your grill meal? Introducing Ponzu Punch! It’s a brand new Sauce of the Season inspired by Japanese ponzu sauce. It’s a mild, sweet citrus sauce bound to brighten your stir-fry. Ponzu Punch will be available on the sauce bar through the end of October, so try it while… Read more »

Open Sesame! Image

Open Sesame!

Those are the magic words to unlock the sweet and nutty flavor of this Seasonal Sauce. Unleash the treasure with flavors of sesame seeds, sugar, garlic, onion and ginger. Hurry, because you Open Sesame! won’t be around forever. Try it on your stir fry while you can!

Shoyu Black Pepper Image

Shoyu Black Pepper

Are you the type of person whose wrist gets sore grinding pepper? Shoyu Black Pepper is now available! Try it with Coke Zero Cherry for a perfect pairing. The bold heat of soy and sesame balances the rich and sweet flavors of Coke Zero Cherry.