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HuHot Rewards FAQ

Q:Are there any fees associated with HuHot Rewards?
A:Participation is free and there are no membership fees.
Q:Do I need a physical card?
A:Once you have signed up online, your phone number will be your account number. No need for another plastic card in your wallet! You can download the HuHot Rewards app and use a 3-digit code or provide your phone number to your server. If you prefer to have a card you can ask for one at your local HuHot and they can link it to your account.
Q:What are HuHot Rewards points?
A:Each full-priced adult grill meal counts as one point on your account. Once you have accrued 12 points, your account will compound those 12 points into a free grill meal. Your account will then reset back to zero grill meal points.
Q:Can I earn HuHot Rewards points when the check is split?
A:When you and your dining companions split a check, you may each add your Rewards accounts to your own checks (but you may not add both checks to the same HuHot Rewards account). A HuHot Rewards account can only be applied to one check per visit.
Q:Why don’t I see any points from my last visit on my account?
A:Grill Meal points are only accrued with the purchase of full priced adult Grill Meals. If any sort of coupon or discount was applied to the price of your Grill Meal, those will not count. Please contact support@huhot.com if you think your server did not apply your HuHot Rewards account to your check.
Q:Can I earn HuHot Rewards points and redeem them on the same visit?
A:There is a 24-hour processing time-frame that is required to convert points into a redeemable reward, when applicable. However, if you already had a reward on your card, you can redeem that PLUS earn points on any full-priced adult grill meals you purchase.
Q:Will I receive coupons via email?
A:In addition to the frequency reward (buy 12, get 1) you will also receive personalized offers on your account. Please make sure you have added HuHot to your email safe sender list and/or turned on notifications on the app so you learn about these rewards in a timely manner. To redeem, just provide your server with your check-in code on the Rewards app or give them your card or phone number. Your surprise & delight offers are automatically loaded on your account and generally expire within 14 days.
Q:How do I redeem my HuHot Rewards free grill meal?
A:After you have accrued 12 grill meals on your account, you will have earned a free Grill Meal! You can ask your server to apply your free meal towards your check. They can look up your account via the HuHot Rewards app, your phone number or your HuHot Rewards card.
Q:What if I forget my HuHot Rewards card, can my points for that visit be added at a later date?
A:Points can only be added to your account in the restaurant. If you have the HuHot Rewards app, just ‘check-in’ and present the 3-digit code to your server. If you don’t have the Rewards app, simply provide your server with the phone number linked to your account.
Q:How do I find out if I have points and rewards on my card?
A:Go to www.huhotrewards.com and click on Check My Balance. Your username is your email address. If you know your password, click Login. If you don’t know your password, click Forgot Login and a new one will be sent via email. Please be patient as the password recovery email can take up to 10 minutes to be delivered.
Q:Do I have to use my points or rewards once I have earned them?
A:Free grill meals that you’ve earned by purchasing 12 adult grill meals expire after 3 years. All other rewards generally expire after 2 weeks.
Q:How do I get the HuHot Rewards app?
A:Its free and easy! Just head to the app store on your phone and search for HuHot Rewards. Once you download the app, you can log in using your e-mail as your username, and the password that you used when signing up. Use the “Forgot Password” link if you don’t have a password.
Q:I’m trying to log in, but it says that my e-mail cannot be found.
A:Please contact support@huhot.com and we can update your account.
Q:What does the ‘Check-In’ button do?
A:The big red check-in button is so your server can look up your Rewards account. Once you click ‘check-in’ a 3-digit number will display. Present this to your server and they will be able to look up your account.
Q:I no longer want to receive HuHot Rewards notifications.
A:You can change your notification settings in the settings menu of your phone. However, we use these notifications to remind users about limited-time surprise offers.
Q:I accidentally created a new account.
A:You can add your existing account to the new account by clicking on "My Account" within the app and then selecting the book icon on the upper left. This is where you can add any card that you have. To add an account via the http://www.huhotrewards.com website, login to your account and click on the big plus sign on your profile page.
Q:Can I have multiple HuHot Rewards accounts?
A:No, only one account per person. If it looks like you may have multiple accounts, we will merge them for you.
Q:I checked in but didn’t mean to. Are my Rewards still there?
A:Yes, your rewards are safe. The Check in feature on the main page is how your server can look up your account. Your Rewards are not tied to the check in feature. Once your server looks up your account, they will use any Rewards in your account unless instructed otherwise.