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HuHot Carryout

Carry Out

Bold Flavor Has No Boundaries

We’re expanding our boldness beyond our doors – HuHot Carry Out is now available at a location near you!

It’s the same great stir fry you know and still made by you, then packaged up so you can eat it wherever you want! When you arrive at HuHot, let the host know you want HuHot Carry Out. He or she will give you a big bowl to build your masterpiece. The grill warriors will cook up your meal for you in front of your eyes and plate it in a to-go container. You’ll get rice, if you want, along with the utensils you need to scarf it down, then you’ll be on your way!

You mix it, we grill it, you get it to go.



If you would prefer not to visit the restaurant to create your own stir fry, you can choose your ingredients and have our expert bowl-builders make your stir fry to your unique specifications. Online ordering is available at most locations for delivery or pick-up.