HuHot Rewards FAQ

Q: Are there any fees associated with HuHot Rewards?
A: No, HuHot Rewards Cards are free, and there is no membership fee.
Q: Do I need a physical card?
A: Once you have signed up online, your phone number will be your account number. No need for another plastic card in your wallet! If you prefer to have a card you can ask for one at your local HuHot and they can link it to your account.
Q: What are loyalty points?
A: Each full-priced adult grill meal counts as one point on your account. Once you have accrued 12 points, your account will reset and you'll have a reward for a free adult grill meal on your card/phone number.
Q: Can I earn HuHot Rewards points when the check is split?
A: When you and your dining companions split a check, you may each add your meals to your individual accounts (but you may not add both meals to the same account).
Q: Can I earn points when I use a coupon or discount?
A: You can only earn points for full-priced adult grill meals.
Q: Can I earn loyalty points and redeem them on the same visit?
A: There is a 24-hour processing time-frame that is required to convert points into a redeemable reward, when applicable. However, if you already had a reward on your card, you can redeem that PLUS earn points on the remainder of the bill that you pay.
Q: How do I redeem email offers?
A: In addition to the frequency reward (buy 12, get 1) you will also receive personalized offers via email. To redeem, click the "Get Coupon" button to get your 4-digit code. Present this code to your server to redeem the offer.
Q: How do I redeem HuHot Rewards?
A: After you have accrued 12 grill meals on your account, you can ask your server to apply your free meal towards your check.
Q: What if I forget my loyalty card, can my points for that visit be added in at a later date?
A: If you have connected your phone number to your account you can use your phone number to add and redeem points (grill meals). If you have not added a phone number to your account, let your server know and a manager will sign your receipt which you can bring back at your next visit to add those grill meal points.
Q: How do I find out if I have points and rewards on my card?
A: Click on Balance Inquiry. Type in your card number and click “submit”. This will show you your current totals for points and rewards as well as recent activity.
Q: Do I have to use my points once I have earned them?
A: No, you do not. You can save your earned rewards, but if your card is inactive for one year, your credits will be voided.